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Solar Powered 3 Mode Adjustment Lamp FA-SR-2118B

Solar Powered 3 Mode Adjustment Lamp FA-SR-2118B


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Solar Powered 3 Mode Adjustment Lamp FA-SR-2118B


-Fully automatic light control switch: light intelligent chip control, buy a variety of control effects, no need to manually operate light control + remote control + timing various intelligent control switch lights.
-Charging upgrade: upgrade solar panels, high conversion efficiency, fast charging speed and long life
-Power-saving induction design: When people come, it will turn to highlight mode, and automatically turn on energy-saving mode after people leave, and automatically sense power saving.Solar Powered 3 Mode Adjustment Lamp FA-SR-2118B
-Three-speed mode adjustment: human infrared sensor intelligent light control system (1st gear: the light is always on when it is dark; 2nd: when people come to highlight, people walk out. The light will automatically return to low light for ten seconds after the person leaves)
-Large-capacity battery: long-lasting battery life, large-capacity built-in lithium battery, uninterrupted power in cloudy and rainy days 6
-Strong waterproof ability, life-level waterproof: waterproof, protection and leakage prevention, still bright lighting in rainy days Solar Powered 3 Mode Adjustment Lamp FA-SR-2118B
-High-brightness LED lamp beads: selected excellent wick, high light display, no stroboscopic. Rotatable lamp head: large-angle lighting range can be freely adjusted. ABS plastic material: lightweight ABS material is preferred).


-Battery: 2x 1200mAh lithium battery

-Sensing distance: 5-8 meters (lens 8 meters)

-Overcharge: 4.2V

-Overdischarge: 2.8V

-Output current: 70mA

-Solar panel: 5.5V

-Charging time: Solar charging (untested)

-Discharge time: 3-4 hours

1. The power-on default state is off, and the work indicator is off. (Note: the heater lights up for 5 seconds after power-on);
2. Continuous control function, 0F (off), 0N (constantly on, controlled by light) 01 (mode 1: night induction 100 lights for 20 seconds without induction and no output) D02 (mode 2: slightly bright 2% at night, induction output 100 lights up for 20 seconds) 03 (mode); Solar Powered 3 Mode Adjustment Lamp FA-SR-2118B
3. 20% light at night, long light, controlled by light) The indicator light is always on as long as the switch indicator is turned on, regardless of day or night;

3 modes:
Dim Mode: Automatically turn on in low light mode at night, when people approach 10-26 feet or so, it will switch to bright light mode for 30 seconds. When motion is no longer detected, it will change to low light mode again.

Solar Powered 3 Mode Adjustment Lamp FA-SR-2118B
Auto Off Mode: When motion is detected, it will turn on in highlight mode for 30 seconds. It will automatically turn off if motion is no longer detected.
Constant Light Mode: Charge and turn off during the day. Once the solar panel senses darkness around it, it turns on automatically, and it stays on even when no motion is detected. In any case, the working time will depend on the state of charge.
Tip: Press the power button before installation to cover the solar panel and select the desired working mode;

Installation Notes:
Wall installation, installation height 2-3 meters
Please install it in a sunny place. When choosing the installation location for the lamp to work normally, please pay attention to having enough sunlight to illuminate the solar panel so that the battery can have enough power to support.
1. Make a hole in the wall corresponding to the installation position
2. Knock the plastic expansion into the hole
3. Hang the corresponding hole of the product on the screw 4. Tighten the nut to complete the installation.

Package Weight: 349g

Package Dimensions: 16cm x 13 x 13

Package Includes:

1 x Solar Powered 3 Mode Adjustment Lamp FA-SR-2118B.

1 x Mount

1 x Sticker

1 x Screw’s Kit

1 x Manual

Specification: Solar Powered 3 Mode Adjustment Lamp FA-SR-2118B

Weight 1 kg

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Solar Powered 3 Mode Adjustment Lamp FA-SR-2118B
Solar Powered 3 Mode Adjustment Lamp FA-SR-2118B


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